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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> now at 6:00 despite a wet december concerns of a drought still isn't over. >> it was threats against police and the scare that had police officers dodging bullets. >> looking back on the new year shooting death of oscar grant. demonstrations at the bart station that took on extra meaning. >> and a rapid end to those plunging gas prices rules that are already costing you when you fill up. >> it's getting better. >> reservoirs are getting better
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as we begin 2015, california drought is not yet over. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> 78% of the state is still experiencing exceptional or extreme drought. and things are improving. >> what a difference a year makes. check out the lawns january 1, 2014 following the driest year in the bay area. today, let's just say grass is greener on the other side of the calendar. don't think that means residents are ready to let the tap flow. >> there is no reason to be watering your plants. we're staying with that. >> the water district says
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customers cut back usage by 13%. that is better than the rest of the state. the storms brought rain totals above normal for the calendar year. san jose and san francisco saw half of the rain in december. but trouble still brews the water district says the ground water storage dropped by a third during 2014. above ground, they're 82% of normal, with 15,000 acre feet added. >> it's getting better. >> it's better than down with hopes more rain can bring us closer to normal. in san jose abc7 news. >> spencer christian to see what
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is in the forecast for us. we don't see any rain in the immediate forecast future. it's hazy out there but going to be cold again overnight. santa cruz mountains freeze damage is possible to sensitive plants and a frost advisory for this area. so i'll give you the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you spencer. >> today marks the sixth anniversary of one of the bay area's most-controversial officer-involved shootings, bart police officer shot oscar grant at the fruit veil station on new year's day 2009.
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today, hundreds gathered to mark the death. >> hi, ama. the new year brings another painful anniversary, but with all that happened since they're more committed than ever to making a difference. >> you have to believe truth will prevail. >> it was official and this was an event to remember young black man killed by a police officer. >> the night he was killed he was enjoying his life with his friends. >> she stood before 200 people, oscar grant's mother could hardly believe it's been six years since her son was shot and killed at the fruit veil station. >> i know oscar is looking down and smiling. seeing a sea of people getting
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together to celebrate him and to celebrate life. >> grant's killer was tried and convicted and sentenced to two years in prison minus time served. since then other unarmed black men have been killed without a similar outcome. it's something grant's uncle says he cannot ignore. >> it's a heartaching feeling to have to experience and relive on a consistent basis. >> this is protest and filings across the country. oscar grant's family is hoping his death might have been the last of its kind. >> there is a dialogue that has to occur where we begin to talk about the operation of our
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people. >> besides his parents and family grant left behind a daughter, now ten years old. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> 29 people were arrested in oakland during a protest that turned violent. about 130 people marched in the mostly-peaceful protests last night. some started throwing bricks and bottles at officers. >> police are looking for vandals that call for the murder of police the group carried a banner reading more dead cops. police say about 20 people went to the jail last night to throw rocks and bottles ant paint at cars. officers detained and questioned three people. >> police say the suspects are in jail tonight.
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police say he was shooting in the air on new year's day on first lane and the police report says he fired on two officers, the officers fired back but he ran away. police found gomez seven hours later. neighbors are surprised. >> i say what happened? they're nice calm now, i've seen things i never have before. >> police had personnel carrier in the neighborhood when investigators would not say why it was used. >> someone also shot at officers in east palo alto overnight. they pinpointed a house they believe bullets came from and detaineded eight people inside. >> developing news, mario cuomo,
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former governor of new york died at age 82. he passed away hours after his son was sworn in office for his second term today mario cuomo delivered the key noteddress in the democratic national convention speech. >> this year big changes are in store for the 415. officials approved a new calling procedure and a new area code for others. we're live outside of the building in san francisco with the details. hi carolyn. >> and in 1947, it's almost depleted. that is why after a series of meetings here, last year the california public utilities
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commission decided something has got to change. new year new calling for the 415 area code. in february, you'll have to add one, and all ten digits. the california p.u.c made the decision because 415 is running out. and that is a new separate area code 628. >> i'm not for splitting the city up. you know? >> mike kelly takes pride in the 415. just like this clothing store based on status. kit yarrow is a consumer
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psychologist. >> her husband still has a boston 617. >> we're just happy to be able to alive in san francisco we don't care about the phone number. >> yarrow believes the codes do have meaning. >> there is emotional currency around. that it's an identifier. people are connected to their phones >> she says there is an al you're 628 won't match. >> it's a new messaging app. you know? versus your e mail address. >> if you're old school, 628 in late march and with 615 next
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month, when in doubt dial it out. in san francisco abc7 news. >> going to take a while to get used to. >> definitely. >> new video from a ferry boat disaster in the adriatic sea. what the passenger claims is missing. >> new laws leading to risin prices how it could cost you at the grocery store and highway. >> and a new twist
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breaking news out of oakland. bart trains are not stopping at the oakland city center station because of police activity at that station. there are reports of someone
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waving a gun around. no report of injuries at this point. >> scrambled hard boiled a california law limiting the number of hens per cage goes into affect. tiffany wilson joins us live with the story. >> we don't know how much the price is going up, but stoppers say they've seen an increase. in 2005, these where the conditions at some chicken farms, hens packed like sardines rather than poultry. effective today, all eggs in california must come from chickens with room to move and stretch.
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those ex-presences are showing up here in the bay area. >> it's disappointing. we'll keepy eggs. >> for this family that is about three dozen per week. they're not alone. outside of the pancake house the smell of breakfast has others craving egg recipes. >> i scramble them. nothing special. i add paprika and hot sauce. >> if the law means hens are happier, she doesn't mind paying more. . >> i don't care about the chickens. i just love my eggs. >> i'm not buying as often as i was before. >> she just paid $5.29 her son's eggs at $5.49. she likes the law, just not the consequences >> i think chickens should have more room but shouldn't have
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prices raised. >> california lawmakers made it clear, consumers must put chickens first, not the egg. in san francisco abc7 news. >> a program to fight pollution with details >> californians have been taking advantage of lower prices but new regulations could change that. >> that is where we're living in the rules. >> suppliers will come under the cap and trade program forcing to supply lower cost fields or to buy a pollution source for the green house gases. but now, the cost of those be passed on to drivers? official was air resources board say it's uncharted.
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>> if that is a straight pass through, it's likely to translate to no more than $0.10 per gallon. >> critics fear field producers may slow down production. and it means a higher grocery bill for you. >> most costs are passed on. >> for holiday traveller from calistoga, a constant reminder about our reliance on fuel. >> there are costs across the board. there is nothing you can do
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about it. >> with cap and trade officials say we should start seeing them going up within the coming days. >> tomorrow, undocumented immigrants apply for driver's license offices. they'll begin processing on friday and california now joins nine states to grant undocumented immigrants access to licenses dmv is hiring 900 staffers and saturday hours. >> this is a fun story. san francisco's first baby of 2015 born right at midnight. little fiona is 21 inches long and weighed eight pounds. her parents say the birth on new year's day is a wonderful gift. fiona is the second child.
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and they're delighted to be part of the new year's record. >> i don't think anyone are happy working on holiday evenings but there is a little bit of excitement working new year's eve. there is a thrill of getting the first baby of the year >> doctors dlefred the first baby of the milennium 15 years ago. >> adorable. >> she's great. >> beautiful. >> love her. >> just as cute, spencer christian. >> clear skies and 56 degrees
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in hayward. here is a live view here on abc7 looking towards coit tower. milder pattern with dry conditions into next week and perhaps beyond. and and storms will be coming our way. and here is our live view. the poorest air quality tomorrow in the north bay. despite the cold there is no wood burning allowed on a spare the air day. overnight, chilly again. area wide cold and low temperatures in north bay valleys into upper 20s.
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napa lows about freezing. and highs tomorrow sunny skies, past the morning freeze. will be pleasant, cool, and mild conditions until the weekend. highs mainly into mid to upper 50s tomorrow. 67 in half moon bay. 57 in santa cruz then here is the accu-weather forecast. again, spare theair day tomorrow. sunny skies, throughout the weekend, high clouds on sunday. starts to get milder next week. high temperatures into mid week. low to mid-60s. and it's been a while. >> new year's day rituals, we'l
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>> bay area well represented in the tournament of roses parade. stephanie chin was among athletes waving to the crowd. fallen chp officer ken onyoungstrom was honored and another float had representatives from lowell park family market farm in oakland. and polar bear plunge is a rite
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of passage. >> you know symptoms you may be living them now. >> one of the most-ten you'red bartenders swears by bloody mary as a medicinal hangover cure. >> it replaces fluids you lost and red blood cells. we found examples today, that human to find the coldest body
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of water. that would be ocean beach. >> just run, jump. >> then? >> you glide. >> he's one of the ring leaders here, or sand carvers. that is an arrow. and a throng of people with different interpretations of it. >> just kind of like assuming you're alive. when this cold hits you. >> it's a running of the bulls this was not. today, we ring in the new for these people with towels.
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>> from ocean beach, abc7 news >> what officers are doing around the country to stay safe. >> a drop in temperatures is creating problems for farmers. >> and some bulldog: the red tags
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police officers are on high alert today in response to threats against police. the shooting have prompted threats of copy cat assassinations. in new york police investigated at least 80 threats. fbi war police are being targeted and threatened following the deaths of unarmed black men in missouri. >> there are 15 arrests.
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any threats are going to be dealt with quickly. >> one concern is copy cats in the wake of at in as nation of two police officers in new york. >> like throwing gas on a fire. >> of the 50 officers 15 were killed in ambush assaults. rand yam shots were fired at police. from los angeles to philadelphia they found themselves under attack. >> in st. louis, several protesters were arrested after storming police headquarters. last night protests were peaceful. >> have you to touch every
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component of a neighborhood and have a relationship with them. the funeral for the second officer will be held this weekend. his father remembers it was his american dream to be a cop. >> 150 people gathered in the rain at a funeral service for the first identified victim of that crashed plane. fingerprint identified the passenger. the search area has been doubled to 13500 square miles where the air bus went down. >> black boxes have not yet been
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recovered but crews found an evacuation slide as well as luggage. >> new video of a deadly ferry boat fire near italy. a greek passenger released his video of the fire and 11 people were killed the passenger says he hardly saw any crew members helping passengers. >> former florida governor is showing more signs he may run for president. it's a continuation of a process that began in december. >> a possible data breech on one of the chick-fil-a. the chain says there was unusual activity involving payment cards
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the chain did not release any other details. and general motors recalling 100,000 full sized trucks and suvs for a defect that can cause safety problems the recall covers certain models had silver raddos, tahoes and suburbans. starting tomorrow, pg and e rates are going up 6% for the average home. >> a program is now getting national recognition. as abc7 news morn anchor tells us, it focuses on a common
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source. >> you've been stuck behind a tail pipe, you know where much of the area's air pollution comes from. >> this is a collection. >> the team is building and refining sensors. two years ago he was installing the system. with 20 sensors his lab is collecting data fed into a pollution weather map. >> we can turn measurements into insights into what our people are doing in the community. >> last year caltrans closed the bay bridge to traffic.
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and that might seem apparent, much of the data is more subtle. >> we'll be able to see home heating when it gets colder and winter kicks in. and we'll be able to see trees growing in the east bay hills >> he hopes to make planners make better decisions about public policy in the future. it's recognized for the climate data initiative. the professor believes cracking pollution can be just as valuable providing evidence to
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prove the value of increased value service put in place at the port of oakland. >> concentrations of carbon eye yochl eyed measured over a 12 month period. >> back to breaking news bart trains are now stopping again at the oakland city station center. trains were not stopping for a time because of reports of someone waving a gun. no reports of injuries. >> still to come your favorite beauty products get discontinued. what do you do? >> i don't know. >> larry is like
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many of us become attached to certain products on the market so it can be disappointing when
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the manufacturer stops making it. >> that happened to me with a wake up product. >> this is a challenge but hard to match makeup. a shade of lipstickr eye color. you can find products that are no longer being made. the lipstick you can't live without. your perfume cent. let's face it. saying goodbye is not a good option. >> women get so attached to their products. it's like you feel like you're losing a limb. >> when you love what you love you want it. >> i purchased 27 of them.
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>> they're keeping the market alive and well thanks to web sites like discontinued and popular destinations for rediscovering retired products. >> if it has been discontinued i would say start by doing a quick online search. if the product has been gone for a while go to one of the sellers that helps to make your product as close to the color as possible. >> and some companies specialize in creating custom must haves. >> one of the famous clients is angelina jolie we've done blends for her. a beautiful discontinued shade
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a perfect neutral color. >> beauty's best kept secret yet. >> you can also use the internet. i've posted a link to a web site dedicated to finding these products that are no longer made. go to abc7 and check. >> that product is gone. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> the new surpassed epidemic threshold, now wide spread in 36 states. california has avoided significant activity. part of the problem is the flu strain mutated. it can last as late as may. >> it's going to be another cold night, temperatures close to, or below freezing. it can be a tough task. these were just weeks are from
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being ready but overnight, temperatures dropped below freezing. >> he says he was hopeful it would survive. he's grateful it's the only damage found so far. thursday morning ice could be seen. >> we can just turn the water on. >> he says water gives heat to the trees and it's enough to keep the plants above freezing. >> garden has a covered portion
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with tropical plants. hot caps will make a difference. >> the garden is hoping to start selling but any frost will adjust those plants. >> we have a frost advisory down into the santa clara valley. by afternoon, state wide sunny skies and mild conditions. up to about 61 degrees in san
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francisco. mid-50s everywhere else. here in the bay area, after a freezing morning here is the accu-weather forecast. no wood burning and next week there should be a hint of rain. >> just a little bit. >> i'm in for dan tonight and rick kwan is here for me. >> for the first time a playoff being held in college football's national champion. one team playing for the title
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number two, oregon took on florida state in the rose bowl. let's go to pasadena. this contest was close until midway in the third.
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a catch and run, but coughs it up. mariota finds carrington again. mariota threw and ran one in. the seminoles pulled off several late come backs but not to say this says it all. oregon rolls to a victory. for the defending champs this snaps a 29 game win streak. >> every day we practice. and to show, i mean there is one more to take care of.
7:54 pm
>> the winner will play oregon monday january 12th at 5:30. a pair of teams squared off the bears guard was eligible in that play. he scores. still looked like baylor was hang on. and three touchdowns, his cory coleman getting down to the three but flagged for grabbing the defender's face mask. and bears would have to try for a field goal and it's blocked. with 20 seconds left, spartons
7:55 pm
pull out a victory. and and the lead was back and forth all day tigers attempt hits up right and no good wisconsin wins, 34-31, snapping a four-game bowl losing streak. and williams leaps over a pair of defenders. the gophers could not slow down the ground game. tigers rush for 337 yards.
7:56 pm
sharks hosting l.a. kings and today annual winter classic took place in the nation's capital. washington took a lead in the first. black hawks come back to tie and no score of the season. just over a minute left in the game cavs take advantage of a power play. and this sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. >> yes. >> you'll be rooting for oregon at least. >> yes. >> thank you, rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a bay
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area city is experiencing a major turn around. police saythey're able to keep crime as low rates. >> then at 11:00, new year, new mayor. and at 10:00 how to get away with murder. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here have female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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